A-POPS Pharmacology Workshops Online

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A-POPS Pharmacology Workshops 1.0 are an online, automated version of the traditional POPS .pdf paper exercises created and distributed by the ASPET. This electronic version saves both instructors and students time-consuming preparation, organization, and distribution of pdf printed paperwork. They also benefit from automated grading and immediate analytics and feedback. For full workshop descriptions, including workshop outlines and learning objectives, click on the list below.

Workshop outlines and learning objectives

What Students Are Saying

"I really enjoyed the activity. I wish we could do more of it."

"...I also like that I was having the discussion with my peers and discussing why they would choice one therapy over another. We also go to talk about concepts that we may not understand but someone else did and was able to explain."

"I like the quizzes and study material."

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