Our adaptive online learning technology is driven with 2 patents.

USPTO #s: 8506305 & 8851900

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When just imparting knowledge isn't enough..

Ensure and measure true mastery of skills and subject matter.

When performance or safety are critical, just having the right answers is not enough.

You want to be sure that your people have truly mastered what they need to know or do in time critical situations.

Training Emergency Response: Reacting to hazardous situations. Triage. First Aid. Avoiding injury. Avoiding loss. Avoiding damage.

Learning high performance: Where instant access to learned skills matters. Safety. Operating equipment / machinery / vehicles. Medical treatment. Sports judging / refereeing / evaluation.



Go beyond presenting course material: transform it into a simulation environment; present information, context and situations in any media you can use online.

Measure and evaluate responses and performance based on not just accuracy, but also elapsed time required for responses - a key measure of the level and mastery of skills gained during training.

Use DeckChair Learning Systems to create, manage and present your online course material when true mastery matters.

DeckChair Learning Systems are based on patented technologies.


Why use DeckChair?

  • Learning Through SimulationCreate multimedia lessons
    Measure time-critical skills
    Simulate real-life decision-making
  • Customized CurriculumEnhance existing learning materials
    Create and update curriculum content
    Evaluate effectiveness of learning materials
  • Proof-of-learningDeliver tests and exams online
    Access individual and group data
    Continually improve curriculum
  • Individualized LearningCreate customized learning plans
    Promote knowledge fluency through guided rehearsal
    Curriculum available anytime, anywhere